Tuesday 15 April 2014


I went to see Captain America and the Winter Soldier today which I enjoyed immensely and it got my brain thinking over a stillborn project - Superkrieg. Whilst I enjoy most of the many superhero films (and even a few of the comic books) the idea of superhero wargaming has never really appealed, even if I dabbled with Saul a few years back with the WizKids game.

However I did have an idea (that must of been partially inspired by Captain America) that a game of low to medium power superheroes in the environment of World War Two could prove fun. I started to rough out a background and a set of rules based on the Voyages Extraordinaires system and even bought some white metal super hero miniatures (West Wind IIRC) but soon was distracted with other projects.

I am thinking about returning to it though. The painting up of the Blitzkrieg era infantry sections plus a pile of WizKids plastics I picked up off eBay a while back have got the mental juices flowing again, so watch out we might soon be seeing the B.E.F. not only having to fight off the might of the Wehrmacht, but also the Nazi superhero Übermann!


  1. Hmm, interesting, you could probably do something small scale using the AEWWII ruleset..,