Wednesday 30 April 2014

Blitzkrieg: Who Needs This Kind of Temptation?

Gorgon Studios have just released some more WW2 figures for the Norwegian campaign. It is very hard to resist this kind of temptation, I think it is only the shipping cost that has prevented me sending off an order already...

French Foreign Legion in anorak (photo Gorgon Studios)


  1. I can start to sell again on Ebay on the 1st, when I can list again my next 50 items free! Yea, this is SO on my to buy list for my French Army. I wanted some FFL to go with my Early War Army but I hated them wearing the desert uniforms....these are amazing and what I wanted....figure two squads will be bought....I hope they make some LMG support weapons!

  2. Yes the shipping cost is putting me off too- or rather the tax you get clobbered with plus the Post Office's charge to collect it!