Monday 21 April 2014

Blitzkrieg: Vorwärts in London?

I have spent most of this afternoon listening to the Championship matches on Talk Sport (well done Burnley!) whilst converting some more Warlord Germans into Danes. Eight more figures are at varying stages including a Marsden lmg gunner. I have made use of arms from the other Warlord sets I bought in the sprue sale a while back which has given some useful variation.

I have also continued playing the BBC Battle Academy game and having finished the Fall of France campaign immediately jumped into the Operation Sealion one. As I am sure you know Sealion was the planned invasion of Britain and not something I have really thought about too much for wargaming but I am considering that once I have completed the combatants for the Blitzkrieg campaign I may well see about raising a section of Local Defence Volunteers and the enigmatic "stay behind" Auxiliaries (which are great fun to play on the iPad) for WorldWar: 1940.

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  1. Captain Main wearing is ready to defend the novelty rock emporium to the death.