Friday 25 October 2013

The (not quite) Half-Price (but still rather good) Sprue Sale...

Warlord Games have a half price individual sprue sale going one at the moment. The normal cost of a sprue depends on what is on it, but for WW2, the Bolt Action plastic infantry sprues are normally £5.00, reduced to £2.50 during the sale. Of course the price of buying the sprues individually is more than if you bought the boxed set from which they came but the sale still offers a good saving on the normal RRP.

Each box contains five infantry sprues and three weapons sprues which in sale terms equates to £16.25 compared to the retail price of a box costing £22.50 (so a saving of just under 30% which isn't too bad).

As a man who can't resist a bargain I decided to avail myself of the offer and have purchased the equivalent of the British, German and US Infantry boxes, adding in an extra sprue of US weapons to give me enough Garands as well as a couple of sprues of Zulu War other ranks British to finish off what I need for when I get back to that project.

I'm not a 100% decided on what I want to use them for. The Germans are late war so definitely 1944-45 NW Europe and Ostfront, but they might do Italy and possibly Tunisia at a stretch depending on the models. The Yanks are really 1943-44 period, I don't think they don't look scruffy enough for 1945 but Tunisia or Italy looks promising. I'm not sure about the British models and will wait to see whether they could do anything other than NW Europe 1944-45.

Whatever, it is a good offer! :-)


  1. I picked up some of the Soviet sprues to round out my force for Disposable Heroes. I though about doing the same and getting a bunch more of the other sprues but the Hobby budget would only allow so much.


  2. I got some of the Zulu stuff, but I'm not sure I don't think I'll ever use 'em ;)