Sunday 9 June 2013

(Saxon Month) Bored, Bored, Bored...

Today was the boring prep work on the Saxons. Cleaning up the castings, drilling out hands and fitting spears and basing, all jolly boring. Indeed, I was so fed up at one stage I stopped and cut the grass (without being ordered to by SWMBO!!!).

I decided to concentrate on the four bases of Ordinary Warriors first, which is half the army, before starting work on the Foot Companion and Noble Warriors bases.

Of course such tedious work does get the mind wandering and my thoughts have kept returning to Cthulhu Wars and the miniatures, some of which can be seen on Board Game Geek. I quite like the idea of Acthung Cthulhu!'s WW2 background and it occurred to me that it could be a reasonably simple enough exercise to produce stats and maybe some special rules to extend Geheimkrieg into the realms of the occult with some Black Sun organisation bringing the Old Ones back to earth during WW2. This might be something to consider if the shipping issue is resolved for Cthulhu Wars (which is now more tempting as it hits the free stretch targets and has unlocked some cool expansions).

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