Friday, 21 June 2013

Google Reader Is Dead! Long Live Google Reader!!!

Readers of BLMA blog may recall Lee having a slight (understandable) meltdown over the demise of Google Reader. If not you can read it here.

As Lee states Google Reader makes life a LOT easier when trying to keep up to date with the various Blogs he follows (all 422 of them). Whilst this may sound a lot, Google Reader makes it easy to find and read the latest blog posts. In many respects it is invaluable.

Well I have found a possible solution - Flipboard.

I have used Flipboard for some time on my iPad and really like the way it displays items in a magazine style format which you then touch the one you want to view. It is elegant and very simple. It has uses beyond displaying Google Reader (RSS leads), I use it for newspapers, Facebook and Twitter.

I had assumed that with the demise of Google Reader on 1st July that this would disappear from Flipboard but no, the RSS leads would be maintained so if you are a Google Reader fan and have an iOS or Android device you can find out more here but note you need to take action before 1st July. There will be some limited functionality issues (such as being unable to add or delete feeds after 1st July) but for Lee he will still be able to read the 422 he has at a glance in a very friendly magazine style format...


  1. Check out The Old Reader as well Steve, I swapped to it when the announcement of Google Reader's closure was made


  2. Feedly seems to be picking a lot of Google Reader users. It has apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Also very customisable...

  3. Downloaded clipboard to my Nexus. Bit confused at the moment.