Tuesday 25 June 2013

(Saxon Month) Beowulf of Barkynge

Well "Saxon Month" has been an unmitigated disaster with just 24 miniatures undercoated. However, I was determined I would paint at least one bloody Saxon this month and here it is...

The miniature (IIRC) is a Musketeer Miniatures one given away free to attendees at Warfare a few years back. It is an excellent miniature, simple but effective posed charging forward.

It occurred to me that as well as serving with the Saxon army in Dux Bellorum this particular miniature could well do as a proxy for Beowulf of Barkynge in an updated Thane Tostig campaign if I decide to make Tostig's band out of historical rather than fantasy figures (and given they are Saxons it would make more sense to use historical Saxons rather than fantasy humans).


  1. Greate paint job !

    bnest regards Michael

  2. Is Beowulf of Barkynge any relation to the Hartegh Beowulfs?

  3. Very nice! Looking at GB's plastic Saxons to take on my Conquest Normans...

  4. Excellent work, your painting is amazing!

  5. Some excellent highlighting work on the textiles, and the rust on the helm is a nice touch. A nicely-sculpted figure with an great paint job!