Friday 28 June 2013

City of Ghosts

I've just got back to Blease Towers from a week working (and drinking) hard in Warsaw. This is the second time I've visited the Polish capital and whilst I have enjoyed both visits it is an incredibly poignant place, especially when its history confronts you...

Line of the Warsaw Ghetto where 250,000 Jews died and 100,000 shipped to extermination camps 
Memorial to 1943 Jewish Uprising 
Memorial to 1,000,000 Poles exiled to the Soviet Union in 1939
Memorial of 1944 Warsaw Uprising
Statue of Józef Piłsudski


  1. Incredible photos of powerful monuments. It's amazing how people always seem to forget the struggles and brave resistance movements of countries like Poland.


  2. Great pics, nice post...thanks for sharing!

  3. They really now how to do a monument or two..reminds me of similar ones I've seen in Prague and Budapest...very atmospheric.

  4. Inspiring pics. I always picture those brave Polish cavalrymen charging against the panzers....never ceases to amaze me how brave people can be. I often wonder how the Brits would be in the face of a Fascist invasion.

  5. Those Polish cavalrymen were brave indeed. But they weren't stupid. They weren't suicidal either. So they never charged German tanks... It was German and communist propaganda that depicted them this way. Just read this [it's in Polish but with Google translator one may read it]:że_kawalerii_polskiej_na_niemieckie_czołgi . Finally it's worth remembering that in September 1939 Poland was invaded not only by Germans but by Soviet Union [on 17th September] either. One year later Germans alone beat France and British Expeditionary Force in almost the same amount of time (one week longer) they needed to beat Poland with USSR cooperation...