Saturday 11 August 2012

No Plan Is A Bad Plan...

Another knock on the door this morning and another delivery by the postie - this time a copy of Warwick Kinrade's Normandy Firefight rules picked up from one of North Star's increasing irresistible special offers - my credit card curses you Nick Eyre! :-)

Flicking through them I started mentally working this out as a project, thinking about the 1/35th stuff in the attic etc when I had a "hold the horses" moment. What the hell was I doing?! Yes, this looks all very inspiring but so do the 101 other projects partially started and not finished.

Looking back at when I have actually managed to get things done my project of the month approach seems to have been the most successful so I have decided for the remainder of 2012 I will follow the following plan:

August is Athenians:

I have two hoplite phalanxes 80% completed, plus a unit of undercoated peltasts and some untouched heavy cavalry. I am away working next week but have the last two weeks off and the plan is to work through the Athenians in order.

September is Orcs:

My WHFB2 project stalled badly as I got seduced by eBay and started bidding and buying old Chronicle, Grenadier and Citadel orcs. I will now go back to Plan A which is to paint what I have to provide a decent OPFOR for Saul's Dwarves. I also have a unit of undercoated Dwarf Rangers converted a few years back that need painting so I might include these in the month's painting for a little variety.

October is Zulus:

I have made up the Zulu starter army I bought a little while back but have got carried away and bought some "bargains" off eBay to give me enough figures for ten Zulu regiments. This is going to be a "dip" project and quite boring after a while but the idea is to get them all done in one go.

November is Persians:

Since writing about the "Clown Army" I have picked up a couple of Osprey Campaign titles with artwork by Peter Dennis. His Persian "look" and that of Rick Scollins seems much more achievable and realistic. I need to work out an army with what I have and probably need to purchase some more models for a unit of Immortals, some more cavalry and possibly some subject troops but this will require some research and I may just concentrate on the four Sparabara/archer units and box of cavalry that I have.

December is American Civil War:

I have the Bickley rules, I have the Perry infantry and cavalry, ok I need some artillery, but all this project needs is a coat of paint.

Well that is the plan and whilst no plan survives contact with the enemy it seems a better approach than no plan at all...


  1. Oh My! Looks like it's gong to be an interesting couple of months!

    Month by month projects does sound like a good idea. Whenever I've tried bigger projects (year long) they always bog down somewhere along the line and I abandon them in favour of something more shiny...

  2. A solid plan looking forward to seeing some of these projects making an appearance

  3. You remind me I have two boxes of hoplites and two of phalangites in the garage. Sigh.

  4. Am ambitious plan indeed, but even if you only got a quarter of that done that would be 25% more than now!

  5. Good luck. My plans seem to run out of time. I need more time to paint and I need to waste less time. :)

  6. I tried to do a 'project a month' a few years ago, but it went a bit pear shaped due to the axis of evil i.e. the work / life / kids / wife coefficient.


    ..but then I do have the attention span of a prawn.

    I'm sure you'll crack on far more than I mamaged to do!

    Good luck.