Thursday 30 August 2012

(Athenian Month) Veteran Hoplites

Finished the Veteran Hoplite unit for my Athenian army, a smaller eighteen man phalanx made up from Immortal plastics. To reflect their veteran status, the front rank all wear a bronze cuirass, though this is purely aesthetic, the unit as a whole is equipped with light armour.

I did consider painting them up with uniform shields or tunics but in the end decided just to have them all sport blue and/or white plumes on their helmets. Their Spartan enemies will be uniform enough I suspect.

This just leaves the cavalry to do...

Athenian painted running total:

125/125 infantry
0/16 cavalry


  1. Nice work, lovely bronze colour you've managed.

    The frustrating thing about painting hoplites? The shield covers 50% of what you've painted!

    1. Well I will probably be looking at them from behind anyway! :-)

  2. Wonderful shields! A great unit, really!

  3. Nice, what will you do about the cavalry though?

  4. are they actual shields hoplite soldiers would have