Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February Is... World War Two Month!

Whilst the 3rd February is going to be re-christened January 32nd whilst I finish off the Celt warband tomorrow, the rest of February will be WW2 month. The aim is to return to an old summer holiday project for Saul and myself using the Battlefield Evolution WW2 rules. We did make some progress in 20mm as these photos will demonstrate but the Soviets never really got a look in and there is a 1/3 painted German Heer platoon who have sat looking at me accusingly for two years on the shelf to my left so that will be the main focus. Additionally I might sneak in some 28mm Weird War Two if possible, but the focus is 20mm 1944-5 Eastern Front...

On the subject of Battlefield Evo, some interesting news on the Mongoose Blog here. Yes, they have a track record of failure on the miniatures scene but by bringing it all in house they could get it right this time. 28mm Vietnam? Not sure if I would but it could be a hit.

Old Matchbox Jadgpanther

German Pioneer Squad


  1. Well I'm looking forward to seeing what the Blease factorium does in the WW2 realm this month!

    Do you plan to have a WWW2 Month?

  2. I always loved that Matchbox Jagdpanther :)