Saturday, 5 February 2011

(Ancients Month) January 32nd

Needing a couple of hours to finish off the Celts sat on the workbench from 'Ancients Month' (aka January), today has been renamed January 32nd!

Initially I was working on a 32 strong warband, but a few emails with Allen Curtis (author of the WAB Hannibal book) about the Celts saw them beefed up into a 40 man unit. He recommended that I should look at having two big 40 man warbands for the centre and three smaller 24 man ones for the flanks.

The figures, as previously stated, are a mix of Warlord Games and Wargames Factory plastics. They work well enough together, yes some of the poses are a little strange and both sets have faults but the end result is pleasing enough. Shield wise I decided to give the stickers (yes, stickers) in the Warlord box a go as they had been designed by Little Big Man Studios and they work well. A few shields at the back are hand painted Wargames Factory.

Allen also suggested beefing the skirmisher units up to a minimum of 12 each which I have done, I am really happy with these and think the dynamic posing of the Warlord plastics is much better than their metals (and far cheaper to boot).

As previously stated I'm taking a break from Ancients now, but the finished warband has made me feel a lot better about the project than when I was half way through and I plan to return to the Celts sooner rather than later.

Celt painted running total:

64/186 infantry
0/24 cavalry
0/3 chariots


  1. Nice stuff; I like the woad! I hadn't realized how much more dynamic the WG celts are than the WF. They really do make for nice skirmishers. I did a Celtic DBA army over the holidays and wish I'd thought to cast about for some extra WG Celts.

    This weekend I'm finishing up a box of WF Saxons myself--dang do 28s ever take more to finish than 15mms!

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. They look excellent. Looking at your list you´ve got 1/3rd of them done so january will have to be extended a bit more :-)

  3. Excellent stuff!

    I just wish I had the ability to paint that much in a month! I suspect its also more than I painted in the last 3 years!

    All the best!

  4. Great looking unit. Shields look excellent, and I like the movement tray too. Often the move tray lets the unit down, but this one is bang on.

  5. What's not to like about ancients and yours are just looking super.Allen advice is good too.