Saturday, 24 May 2014

¡Viva El Lardistas!

I had hoped to get some painting done today but I have somehow only managed to spend an unproductive day in front of the TV catching up on Longmire with Saul! :-)

I did have a bit of a brainwave part way through one episode, recalling I had the Too Fat Lardies Through the Mud & Blood inter-war PDF supplement Triumphant Standards. Unfortunately this doesn't include any Spanish Civil War material but does have some very useful stuff on the German Civil War which will be useful when I find that bag of Scheltrum miniatures I bought a few Salute back!

However, the Lardies are a good bunch and they have released online articles and army lists covering the Spanish Civil War for Chain of Command which is full of really useful histories and unit TO&E's.

The downloadable lists available are:

Milicias obreras (Workers Militias)
Milicias del 5º Regimiento
Tercio de la Legión (Spanish Foreign Legion)
Peninsular Army Infantry
Peninsular Cavalry
Ejército Popular de la República (Popular Army)
Nationalist Army
Corpo Truppe Volontarie
Raggruppamento Repartí Specializzati

Great stuff, I can feel the ooh shiny butterfly might spread his wings soon!


  1. Cheers for pointing in this direction with CoC rules but if you use Bolt Action there are these on this blog.

  2. Glad you like the SCW lists Steve!

    PK has given duff gen though, I'm currently revising the Bolt Action lists, so they are back to 'draft' right now, but I hope to have them back up in coming weeks and suitably revised to include all the stuff that came up when Rolf and I did the research for the Lard ones.

    I am grateful for the plug though PK. :-)