Thursday 22 May 2014

Shiny Plastic Goodness!

My first "proper" wargames army was a late war US Armoured Division, lots of Heroics' Shermans but with one platoon of Skytrex Pershings (the leveller for my opponents King Tigers - remind me one day to tell you how I took out one of his Panthers with an M8 Greyhound!)

Consequently I have always had a soft spot for the M26 and also in its M46 guise during the Korean War. Wargames Illustrated 320 arrived today with an advert for Battlefront's new plastic M26's - drool! :-)

Of course they are the wrong scale for my long term plan of extending my 1945 20mm Eastern Front project to the West, but I have always wanted to try Korea and given the amount of T34/85's and infantry needed, 15mm may be the answer. Perhaps I should buy a box just to see? :-)

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