Sunday 2 March 2014

Watch Am Escargot: French Infantry I

I have just finished a couple of test pieces of French infantry for my Watch Am Escargot 1940 Axis & Allies project. They are based for FoW but can be used for a number of systems.

French LMG Team
It is a long time since I painted any 15mm and it is not my favourite scale from a painting point of view. Not small enough for micro techniques, too small for larger scale ones. Consequently I decided dip was the way.

French LMG Team
The figures are Peter Pig, bought many Fiasco's ago, and are nice miniatures, the dip does a good job in picking out the detail. I went with the block paint, dip and some drybrushed highlights technique and think it has worked quite well.

French Observation Team
The remaining French are currently dipped and drying for 24 hours, so hopefully there will be a load more done this week. Next should be the French AFV's...

2014 Painting Target: 110/1000


  1. Very nice....My son and I are also working our way through some Peter Pig French, but ours are going to be fielded as Belgians for Chain of Command.

  2. Great work! That's the only way I paint 15mm stuff, to be fair ;)

  3. Nice, early stuff is always good