Friday 14 March 2014

Spaceship Away!

I received a belated Christmas present last night(!) but it was well worth the wait. Haynes are best known for their series of books detailing the ins, outs and workings of cars which were indispensable back in the day (I remember using one to help change the shock absorbers on my Vauxhall Chevette in the late eighties) but in the past few years they have expanded the range to include things we are unlikely to be mechanically tinkering with, such as a Spitfire or the Death Star!

The Dan Dare: Spacefleet Operations Manual is a little different from previous volumes in that rather than looking at one particular machine it covers a whole range of them, many illustrated in the cutaway fashion so popular in the old Eagle comics.

It is a lovely book and anyone with any interest in Dan Dare will find much in it. As well as a large number of spaceships, the book also covers prominent characters and aliens from the stories, space bases, propulsion systems and a whole lot more. Great stuff...


  1. WOW. I'm aware of the book and very envious of your special Christmas Present.


  2. This looks great- I was a fan of Dan Dare as reincarnated in 2000 AD back in the 80s :)