Friday 6 December 2013

(Victorian Month) The Landlady

Along with Jack, Design 28 Miniatures V6 Jack The Ripper pack contains a man with sandwich bard (no doubt to carry the headlines of the latest murder) and a woman in dress, apron and pistol. I'm not 100% sure what she is supposed to be but I have decided she looks formidable enough to be the landlady of some Whitechapel gin parlour and painted her up appropriately.

Victorian England is not renown for having an exciting palette of coloured clothing and it is even more limiting when it comes to working class characters. Consequently the landlady is painted in a black dress with white apron (slightly grubbied up), I gave her blonde hair for a splash of colour.

On a related note the postie delivered a copy of Donald Thomas' The Victorian Underworld, an interesting looking book about criminal activities in Victorian London and the police response. Should be full of great gang and scenario ideas.

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  1. I used the Victorian underworld for inspiration in one of my short stories. Fascinating book.