Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hawks Over Indochina?

I popped into the local model shop this morning in the hope they had a HaT FT-17 with 37mm cannon and French 75mm artillery sets for the Franco-Thai War but to no avail. I did however resist the lure of the Zvezda Cold War Hot models and the new 15mm T-35!

A bit of internet surfing to find photos from the war has led me slightly astray with some wonderful accounts and paintings of the short air war...

Air battle over Ban Yang
Bombing raid on Pailin and Sisophon
I also found this great model box illustrations of RTAF Hawk 75N's in action during the war from a Russian model manufacturer...


  1. very cool! I like very much. I believe the French also used the hawk 75. I wonder if they fought against each other. Are all the Infantry metal figs? any plastic?