Tuesday, 3 December 2013

(Victorian Month) Gentleman on Steam Powered Penny Farthing

View Halloo!! Victorian Month starts in tip top fashion with this wonderful Gentleman on Steam Powered Penny Farthing.

Great fun to paint, the model is from the Design 28 Lord Fecitt and Hunting Party set and the base from Fenris Games. I understand that Black Pyramid Gaming have taken over Design 28 but can't find any reference to them on their website. I have dropped them an enquiry by email to see if the range is still available.

Work continues apace on more Victorian miniatures...


  1. Very well done on the painting. The figure itself looks a bit stiff though.

  2. lovely job and a great figure

  3. Very fun & nicely done. I'd like to scoot around the city on one of those

  4. http://www.blackpyramid.co.uk/productview.php?brand=10&range=27