Monday 16 September 2013

Unpacking the Bones Part One: Thirty New Bones

I started unpacking the big box of Reaper Bones at lunchtime today, it took me nearly two hours just to sort out the basic Vampire pledge box! I've decided to photograph the lot in their "as received" state which you can then compare to the finished painted models as and when they are painted. The models are cast in white plastic which makes it hard to see the detail but it looks good in real life!

Initial reaction is quite favourable, though some of the more slender models suffer from bent weapons and in one case the miniature was bent over prone at the ankle. I believe the old hot water/bend/cold water set trick will work. Some of the plastic seems bendier than others but this may be down to individual models. Whilst there is an element of "never mind the quality, feel the width" with the Bones line, they are decent quality models at a damn good price.

These are the first thirty new Bones that the Kickstarter was set up to get into production...

The thirty are a really mixed batch of characters and monsters...

I love the big orcs, the barbarian and the floating eye thing, that's going to be fun to paint!

There is some notable size variation between some of the human types, the Gandalf style wizard above is somewhat overlarge.

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