Thursday 5 September 2013

(Moderns Month) Sinai Buildings (and Fiesta)

A little bit more progress on the 1973 project with these Middle Eastern buildings which should be suitable for both the Sinai and Golan fronts.

The models are old 6mm Irregular Miniatures metal ones I bought a long time ago for either my planned 6mm Soviets in Afghanistan project or a tentative C18th Wars in India idea I toyed with.

Whatever, they are nice models and painted up quickly. I left them on the cardboard bases I glued them to back whenever, adding sand and painting it to tie in with the infantry and AFV's.

Gromit of the Day:



  1. Looking forward to some more moderns! But will they all be in 6mm? Or will you have some in the "Golden Scale"(20mm) ;)


    1. I have some 20mm Cold War to paint (and some 28mm Ultra-Modern)