Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day To The Rescue...

With a heavy work schedule and a loss of painting mojo I've come to a grinding halt on anything to do with wargaming hence the complete absence of posts. However Father's Day has seen a nice little present from Saul which is getting the fingers twitching again in the form of two packs from Design 28 Miniatures wonderful Steam and Steel range which I will be adding to my simmering Victorian Gothic project.

First off is V6 Jack The Ripper set, which contains four nicely sculpted figures including a police constable, newspaper seller and Jack himself (I can see SWMBO influenced this present given her fascination with Victorian detectives and crime).

The second set is very steampunk in the form of V8 Lord Fecitt and Hunting Party with a hunter on steam powered penny farthing and robot dog! Very Pax Britannica!

There are some wonderful miniatures in this range and I can see myself becoming a loyal and frequent customer of Design 28 Miniatures...