Monday 9 May 2011

There's A Game In That...

Some of you may have seen Tas' post on The Man Cave about Cyborg Seals and Zombie Penguins and The Lad's idea that it would make a cool wargame. Clearly if you add Commando Polar Bears to the mix he might be on to something...

(painting by Tyler Edlin

This would be sooo freaking cool at Salute 2012... ;-)


  1. Cyborg Seals, Commando Polar Bear and their Inuit allies all banding together to defeat the evil zombie hordes from Antartica

    Plus there could be componets played in the sea with the penguins and seals in their natural element, facing off amongst undead Orcas, armoured walrus knights and genetically enhanced narwhals.

    Perhaps its best we dont live closer to one another Steve!

  2. Cyborg seals? This is getting worrying...

  3. There's a game in these too, suitable for work and you much watch to the end of the credits on both