Friday, 6 May 2011

Adding Impetus?

Not managed to get a great deal done as I've been away and am waiting for my AFV's and Revell US Moderns to arrive but I have decided to paint the Russkis as Naval Infantry and have based up a nine man section only to find I don't have any white undercoat to hand so I plan to pop into town before I pick Saul up from school this afternoon.

One thing that did come to my attention in my rummage in the attic was the number of weird and wonderful boxes of plastics I have in the attic for a wide variety of periods including a diverse selection of 20mm ancients and medievals (Egyptians, Seas Peoples, Macedonians, Romans, Barbarians etc). I have been giving some thought as to if there is anything I can do with them. The first thought was DBA but I don't like HOTT too much so that kind of knocked that on the head so I'm considering Impetus, or more specifically Basic Impetus as it's small (see photo from Bill's blog), free and the website has a host of army lists for the game online as well.

Whilst I'm still planning on using Clash of Empires for "normal" wargames with my 28mm Romans and Celts and the Peloponnesian Wars project (and am so pleased with my read through of the rules that I am considering using them for fantasy!), Basic Impetus may well be a practical solution to use the boxes of 20mm plastics I have...

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