Sunday 22 May 2011

Orcs v Tactical Nuclear Penguins

'Moderns Month' is slowly progressing and I've almost finished a US Mechanized Infantry Squad which you can see here, hopefully finished tomorrow...

As the dip was drying I decided to  stick together a couple of the sprues of Mantic Orcs we picked up at Salute - and I decided to slap a bit of paint on them.

These are by far the best models Mantic have released and a good mix of possibilities tempered with not too many pieces to stick together. I am so impressed with them I've ordered a box of thirty from Wayland Games which at £22.49 means they're only 75p each. What I really like is that they'll fit in with my old Citadel Orcs and don't look too comic. Ok, I'd prefer they were armed with scimitars and I'm not 100% taken with the shields but I do like them...

Painting was a doddle, black undercoat, drybrushed with Tin Bitz then Boltgun Metal. Repaint the non-metal areas black, then Dark Flesh, then Bestial Brown or Terracotta over that. For Orc flesh I mix yellow with black which makes a swarthy green, eyes are dotted Blood Red and teeth painted in with Bleached Bone.

I also finished off these two 'Tactical Nuclear Penguins' from the Critter Commandoes packs I painted Saul for Christmas, which had been 95% finished since January...


  1. Love the "TNP"s - hope those penguins have some good nuclear failsafe protocols in place...

    Those Mantic figs are great - I've been thinking about getting some, fitting them with more historical weapons and shields, and then using them as trolls against my Vikings!

  2. Here I was thinking that your orcs where raiding a brewery in Scotland and realized that they were too weak to drink the local beer, "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" -

    I really want to try this beer!



  3. Joe - the beer was the inspiration, not that I've been able to afford a bottle!

  4. The best shield design in the world ... ever.

  5. BOC is at the Eventim Apollo (Hammersmith Odeon)22nd February 2019 in case you're intrestested.