Friday 29 October 2010

Remember Liège!

Ok, the identity of the new Land Ironclads army is out so I can show off the Belgians I painted yesterday...

First off are two battalions of Belgian line infantry from Irregular's 2mm range. With a change of flag they can become Serbian (and if you aren't too fussy about the grey trousers a number of other nations).

The cavalry are three squadrons of Belgian Guides in green jackets and red trousers. I do like Irregular's 2mm cavalry as they are easy to paint and readily identifiable on the tabletop.

Back to finishing off the land ironclad support then onto contraptions and some Belgian Legion on Martian service...


  1. Ah! so it was Les Belges! Loving the Guides Cavalry - one of my favourite uniforms - can't wait to see more (and bigger photos, if you please....)

  2. Very nice work once again, especially on a scale so small, congratulations to you!

  3. Huzzah and Bravo! Nice job indeed. And thanks awfully for the WWS exclusive on the LIs!

    And what a coincidence that I just started brewing a Belgian Golden Ale just for the occaision!

  4. Tas, that's why I said it was timely on your FB post! :-)