Thursday, 28 October 2010

Allez Les Blockhaus Roulants!

First off apologies for the brevity of posts this month, real life work has been rather intense and got in the way somewhat and when I take a week off the body decides to down tools with a stinking cold and now some nagging ear infection! :-( Anyway, enough of the woes of Steve... Bleaseworld is 2mm world at the moment with all hands to the pump on the "secret VSF project" (now a "guess what it is" on the Wessex Games Facebook page if you think you've got an idea...).

As part of this project I finally finished the new Brigade Models French land ironclads this morning after a basing disaster earlier this week with some chinchilla sand that went pear shaped. The basing seems to take longer than painting the actual models, which I must say are rather lovely.

To help fill the bases on the smaller models and give an idea of scale I dot the odd 2mm Irregular cavalryman or infantry group on the base, as well as an odd foam tree. I'm currently debating whether to add some kapok smoke from the funnels, a decision being tipped by the fact that SWMBO can't find the bag she bought last Christmas!

I have also painted up two battalions of OPFOR infantry for the project as well as a regiment of cavalry. I'll hopefully be posting photos of these later in the week (when someone guesses what the "secret VSF project" actually is) along with some photos of the new land ironclad support for them which Brigade will be releasing in the next fortnight as part of the project!

After this it'll be back to the mud and blood of the trenches, and the skies above (and death in the dark future of the 41st millenium if Saul gets his way - those new Dark Eldar do look quite nice and the "barges" a little bit Space 1889!)


  1. The women on bicycles are coming! :-)

  2. Excellent work mate, always been a fan of your blog, would also like to give you the heads up that I've started a new wargaming blog so if you fancy checking it out check my profile.

    Very nice models, very small ;] keep it coming

  3. I've been promising myself that I'd finally start a LI army, once the French were available. Maybe I should follow youe example and get stuck in now, if I can find the patience to paint teeny weeny infantry blocks?

    Nice painting and basing, especially the tracks behind the machines. Neat idea.

  4. Boggler - the infantry are a doddle (the basing takes longer). Black undercoat, drybrush main uniform colour. Light brush across trousers if required, dot in front rank faces, do any tidy up on heads and body if needed then paint flags. They really do take minutes, the rule being less is more and go for effect...