Tuesday 14 September 2010

WW2 Grubs

One of the things that caught Saul's eye on Saturday at Colours (when he wasn't shoving Victorian Evil henchmen into my hands) was the range of WW2 Grubs from Ironclad Miniatures.

Not being an expert in this area I cannot say whether they are grubs or worms (they do remind me of the old PSOne game) but they are quite cute in a strange way, so whilst he was failing to Catch The Pigeon (beaten by a five year old girl - ouch!) I snuck back and bought two of the four packs available for his birthday...

I bought one each of the "German" and "Ruski" packs and smuggled them home and onto the workbench pdq. With only two days to his birthday (and SWMBO insisting I go into the garden and start building her pergola - where is the rain when you want it?) painting was going to be a bit of a rush job, so I decided to go with the Army Painter dip doing the block painting Sunday lunchtime, the dipping in the evening and then the basing and varnishing last night.

I'm quite pleased with the end result. I probably could have done better with my usual style of painting but in all probability they would probably still been in their blisters or just based and undercoated so all things considered I'm happy enough - and so was Saul this morning which is the main thing. Now I've just got to find some rules...


  1. Fantastic work there (and quick too!)
    I can think of nothing except: Worms - The Wargame

  2. they are grubs based on the old worms board game that came out years ago i should know i sculpted them.