Tuesday 7 September 2010

Ford O' Kabul River

Looking for an odd figure to complete a unit of figures I working on for Saul I stumbled across a 99% completed unit of 20mm (very) old Pax Britannica Colonial British for my (very) long ago planned North West Frontier project. Painted in enamels and on cardboard bases they looked very flat, so in a fit of enthusiasm I slopped on a bit of Army Painter dip on, finished the bases and et voila!

The figures were produced in the mid-80's and are very nicely detailed. The range became one of those enduring mysteries of wargaming as it moved across the pond (and possibly back and then back again) but I believe they are now produced by an American company called the Dayton Painting Consortium.

Unfortunately the unit, clearly one being raised for The Sword and The Flame is one man short. I hazard a guess I pulled one infantryman to convert to a standard bearer but I'm buggered if I know what became of him after 20 odd years.

Now I just need to paint up the Jacklex stuff SWMBO bought for my birthday, find the Pathans I bought back in the eighties and "blow the bugle, draw the sword!".

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  1. These are some of the best Colonial figures ever made...I am still painting mine...and there are a few still waiting for the paint brush...great post