Monday, 13 September 2010

Colours 2010

Saul and I toddled up the M4 to Colours on Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling too hot (well actually I was feeling too hot!) so we cut our visit short but we did manage to check out the games, Saul play Mutley in Chase The Pigeon and buy a few things (well I did, Saul showed remarkable restraint - or was he saving his money for Games Day?)

There were a lot of interesting games with a number that caught the eye (some like the Battle of the Bulge seen at Salute). I have created the traditional IronCow TV video with my photos which you can watch on YouTube, but I was especially taken with the late C17th Tangiers game (an unusual subject well executed), the Ork-a-Nawa Epic 40K game (a 26ft x 6ft and parallel 26ft x 3ft table of an Ork invasion - some great scratch built ships and ideas to do with the pile of old ships in the loft), The Yangtze Incident, Catch The Pigeon and the Lost World amongst many. One thing I have noticed of late though is games using 15mm or smaller miniatures, really do need quantity as they lose impact with similar size units to 28mm games).

Toys wise I went with a plan and for the most part stuck to it. I picked up some 1:285th Brits for my England Prevails project, the GZG Spider Mechs I missed out of at Salute to use in Iron Cow (and some hover drones Saul persuaded me to buy for his Terminator army as they are similar to the ones in T: 3D at Universal Studios in Florida). I also bought a box of the Plastic Soldier 28mm hard plastic Russians which are great value and look a lot better with an undercoat on as well as a couple of HaT SdKfz 251/1's for Saul's 20mm Germans and some Empress Zulu War British heads in pith helmets (to use on some old GW Praetorians so they fit in better with the Empress figures). I resisted the new Perry Sudan book and the Warlord/Bolt Action plastic Germans but did weaken and buy some more Ironclad Victorian figures and something else from Ironclad for Saul's birthday tomorrow that is currently drying on the workbench...

Overall a good show and I wish I could have spent a bit longer at it, especially some of the games which looked a lot of fun.


  1. can we have some photos of the Plastic Soldier 28mm hard plastic Russians?

  2. I've just slapped some paint on them so hopefully will have them finished this week. There are some pictures of the 20mm versions (the 28's, 20's and 15's are all the same designs just different sizes) on PSR:

    However I don't think this does them justice. They need paint on them.

  3. I would also like to see some comparison pictures of the plastic russians and other manufacturer's 28mm figures.