Tuesday 24 August 2010

Terry Wise - My Wargames Hero

I've just read on TMP the sad news that Terry Wise passed away on the 17th of this month and his funeral is tomorrow. Like many wargamers of a certain age Terry Wise will have been one of the "wise men" of wargaming in their formative years, indeed for me, if it had not been for Terry, I may not have discovered wargaming and a hobby that has formed such a major part of my life.

I was for much of my youth an avid collector plastic kits (mainly tanks) and HO/OO Airfix soldiers and whilst I "played" with them (well created huge temporary dioramas) in my bedroom it was Terry's Observation Post column in Military Modelling that introduced me to the concept of playing 'proper' games with them when it took over Battle For Wargamers in 1977.

I loved this column and his inspiring wargames articles (I still want to make an Atlantic Wall games table from one article he wrote in an Airfix annual...). He was my wargames hero and he will be missed.


  1. He introduced me to the hobby and I had the extreme good fortune to wargame with him for 10 years.

    A gentleman and a scholar who contributed so much to the hobby.

  2. Agreed. And yes he was my intro into the hobby too