Monday 16 August 2010

Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

Also finished last night, my Reviresco Hansa-Brandenburg W.29, which as you can see presented quite a challenge painting wise due to the rather complex Imperial German Navy camo pattern, which makes the Luftstreitkräfte's lozenge schemes positively pedestrian... Ok, I didn't paint the pattern, the upper surfaces are decals from Reviresco which presented a challenge all of their own but I think we can all agree looks pretty darn good.

The Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 was a late war mono-seaplane fighter that saw service over the North Sea and one I could not resist when I saw the Reviresco model. The floatplane assembly was a bit tricky and I only used brass rod on the outer struts, using the white metal ones provided for the ones between the floats.

Reviresco provide all over decals for a number of their models including this, but I was somewhat perplexed on how to achieve a good result wrapping a decal around the fuselage etc, so in the end I painted the model a kind of sea-grey and cut the patterned parts of the decal sheet off and used them separately over a white background (unlike Dom's Decals, these do not have any white and must be used over a white undercoat. The crosses on the side of the model are from Dom.

Overall, really pleased with the end result and currently this is my favourite of my AirWar: 1918 collection. Next, after the AEG, possibly French or Italians...

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  1. Looks good to me.