Friday, 20 August 2010

The Grande Age of Hyboria

The HaT Napoleonic figures I ordered have turned up and I am quite taken with them. They are a bit slender but are reasonably well detailed and look the part. Consequently (and despite other projects) I am going to launch a C19th imagi-nation project set in Hyboria.

This will probably be a slow burner but might help me get back on track with the 10mm Conan army as well. As part of the project I've created a new blog, The Grande Age of Hyboria, which, if you are interested, I hope you will join.

1 comment:

  1. Really intriguing and full of potential!

    Now, if I may, 19th C. Hyboria would deserve a label of its own, since you have other, unrelated posts dealing with either the 19th C. or Conan? 'Hyboria', simply?

    Looking forward to follow the development of this original project,