Friday, 13 August 2010

Lohner Over The Adriatic

Unfortunately it has been one of those weeks this week and I have not managed to progress anything much very far, though the Hansa W.29 and Junkers are a step closer to completion. Fortunately I have managed to add a new model to the AirWar: 1918 collection in the form of a lovely Austro-Hungarian Navy Lohner L flying boat.

The model is a pre-paint "toy" from a company called SORA and was picked up from a trader in Hong Kong via eBay. Dom Skelton kindly put me onto this and advised that whilst the model is not quite 1/144th it is good enough for wargames purposes. With a repaint it could see service as an Imperial German Navy Hansa-Brandenburg FB or an Italian Navy Macchi L.1 (both copies of the Lohner, the Macchi with a different engine and armament).

I think most of you will agree it is a nice looking model and a pleasant change from Sopwith Camels and Fokker Dr.1's.


  1. Good find!

    Nice 'shoot me down if you're hard enough' markings too?