Sunday 7 February 2010

Mantic Eleven Spearman

Ikea has ridden to the rescue and helped me get my painting mojo back! I've doubled my display cabinet space with the purchase and fitting of three more of their Bertby display cabinets which now cover the backwall of the games room (see below). The additional space allowed me to clear the work area and WIP shelves of finished models and since then I've been bent over the painting work top beavering away...

First to benefit from the renewed enthusiasm was these Mantic Elven Spearmen. Whilst I've still got the front command rank to finish I thought you might like to see these given my fun painting them gold at the beginning of the year.

I must confess I was becoming really dispirited with these as they did not "look right" at any stage until right at the death when I put the flock on and they suddenly looked okay. The shield decals attempted to thwart me by going foggy despite using decal fix (bloody GW Eldar decals) but I've disguised this with a bit of paint on the worst parts.

Overall I'm quite pleased with them as my first dipped 28mm figures and now feel it's worth cracking on to finish off the small army I bought a while back (though I might try a different approach to base coating instead of using gold).

Next the Bristol Fighters which are nearly done...


  1. The Elves look good. I keep meaning to get on with the Mantic Elves I bought, but other projects keep getting in the way. Your painting is nudging me in their direction though.

    Love the display cabinets too. Shame they don't do it in the antique pine finish that all my other Ikea furniture in the games room is.

  2. Elves and Shelves......good combination!
    Seriously though, the spearmen look really good, and should fit nicely amongst the collection displayed in the cabinets...if only I had room for something like this myself.....sigh.....