Monday 8 February 2010

1 Squadron AFC 'Brisfits'

Back to World War One and I've finished the two Skytrex Bristol F2 fighters I've had sitting around for a while. I was baulking at doing these as I'd decided to try the white/PC10 camo scheme used in Palestine by the likes of No. 111 Squadron and No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps in 1917/18. Eventually I bit the bullet over the weekend and cracked on after making sure the white undercoat was really 'white' and even.

I went for two slightly different versions of the scheme, one having PC10 one top of the fuselage with a white tailfin, the other a completely white fuselage with PC10 tailfin.

As usual it was once the decals went on (more of the excellent Dom's Decals - memo to self, order some more), that everything 'came together'. I chickened out of trying to paint serial numbers on the fins, whilst they are quite bold I no longer have the eye for such small neat detail...

This two colour scheme is really quite pleasing and unusually eye-catching - who knows, I might even paint up an Ottoman D.II or two as opponents, though Germans will do just as well...


  1. Nicely done. I love a good BrisFit. Have you seen the one in the Shuttleworth collection? Last time I was there for an MG T-party (many years ago) I saw it dogfighting a replica Triplane. Most excellent. There is something quite visceral about seeing the early planes flying.

  2. No I haven't, looks like somewhere to take Saul in the summer. Would be nice to tie it in with a display with some old warbirds...

  3. The good old Bristol Fighter, my favourite WW1 ride back in the day when I gamed in Southend.

  4. Nice paint job Steve, very striking.