Sunday, 21 February 2010

Legion of the Damned

Although I am part way through a 20mm WWI German Assault Company for The Great War and just have the bases to do on some Burgundian artillery, handgunners and mounted archers for Medieval Warfare, I got sidetracked with a 'Eurkea!' moment on Friday night and just had to 'scratch that itch'...

Saul has been unsubtly hinting that a squad of GW's new Legion of the Damned would go nicely with his Screaming Eagles Space Marine army. However, they cost £5 for each legionnaire and £8 for the sergeant and support weapon legionnaire which is a bit rich for my taste so my 'Eureka!' moment was to have a crack at making a test piece out of any bits I could cobble together and a bit of Green Stuff.

This Damned Sergeant is the end result. I carved away the bottom of the Marines helmet and fitted in a plastic skull from an old Tomb Kings spearman, Green Stuffed some ribs and a skull motif on the shoulder pad. I did make a big error in fitting Marine Scout arms so had to Green Stuff some elbow pads.

Overall, for a test piece, I'm quite pleased with him and Saul likes it (and it didn't cost £8!). I won't repeat the skull faceplate look for any other Legionnaires as I'm not 100% keen on it, but it looks fine for the sergeant.

Now back to the Germans...

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  1. lol

    £5 that takes the mick!

    Much better solution there buddy.