Tuesday 9 February 2010

Happy 'Bear'thday to Bleaseworld

Well today is Bleaseworld's 1st birthday. 40 followers, 120 posts and 21,763 visitors (since 29th March) certainly gives me a warm, glowy feeling. Thanks to everyone who visits, follows and says nice things, it's much appreciated and the raison 'd'etre for the blog (to encourage me to paint more) appears to have been quite success, though perhaps I need to focus on getting specific projects completed...

Today's 'bear'thday post (sorry, couldn't resist...) is this lovely West Wind dwarf hero on grizzly bear (Varan the Bear). This is a really nice, impressive model (the base is 50mm by 50mm) that didn't take that long to paint, especially given it has been staring at me in its black undercoat glory for the last six months or so. I'm sure it will look good as part of Saul's dwarf army, he was suitably impressed with it when he saw it completed last night.


  1. Many congrats Steve and all the best for the next umpteen entries - I hope that my own efforts are as interesting and successful!!

  2. Ditto that; Happy Birthday Steve, I think I started mine pretty much around the same time, and I'm still humbled that people find it interesting - many congratulations on your anniversary - long may it continue!

  3. Happy Birthday and nice fig! In the same time (within a week actually) I pip you by 2 followers, but you get me on visitor numbers :-)

    Looking forward to another year of dropping by Steve!

  4. Happy Birthday - and very well done.

    I have difficulty keeping the one Blog going but you.........