Sunday, 28 February 2010

Je Lay Emprins: More Burgundians

In between other things I've been slowly working on my Burgundians to add to the pikemen (here) I finished late last year (after twenty-five years!). These haven't taken quite as long, but many of the figures have changed manufacturer since I bought them! :-)

First off is the pike block command unit, three Citadel (now Foundry) figures and a Grenadier (now Mirliton) musician. The standard bearers where initially painted many moons ago (see here) and whilst I repainted the standard bearers I left the hand-painted flags untouched. I did umm and ahh about this as there is a school boy error (which I was) on the rear flag as I didn't mirror image the (unseen) reverse. I did consider replacing the flags with some I bought at Warfare but in a fit of nostalgia left them as painted a quarter of a century ago.

The mounted archers were also Citadel, now Foundry, part of the old Wars of the Roses range. I replaced the horses with one from the Wars of Religion range and the others from some Normans as the ones that came with the figures were more like unbarded war horses, rather than flea-bitten nags to get the archers into combat.

The cannon is a particular favourite of mine, sculpted by Mark Copplestone for the old Grenadier UK Fantasy Warriors range. The good news is the model is still available (along with a load of other useful late medieval miniatures like the hangunners below) from Mirliton in Italy. Whilst these are marketed as fantasy they are pseudo-historical late C15th types and will work well for Continental and Wars of the Roses armies.

Rumaging through my Wars of the Roses box I do seem to have amassed quite an arsenal of artillery from various manufacturers so expect some more being added to Charles the Bold's artillery train.

Lastly the handgunners, mounted up two to a 40mm square base for Foundry's Medieval Warfare. As stated these are ex-Grenadier, now Mirliton and because they are slightly larger than most of the old Citadel Wars of the Roses range I've found they fit nicely with the new Perry Wars of the Roses plastics (some of which I've acquired for a future Tewkesbury inspired project).

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  1. These are awesome Steve!
    Gotta love a bit of nostalgia.
    Sure the miniatures are older than me, but I have that same feeling with stuff from the mid 90's!