Thursday 7 January 2010

Paint It... Gold!

Aside from the Kv-5's, my other wargaming present from Santa was a box of the plastic Mantic Elves which I must say are jolly wonderful. The detail on them is great and I really like the slender 'Tom Meier' look Mantic have adopted. I haven't done any comparisons with other company miniatures yet but I am hopeful they will pass muster as suitable for LOTR games, if not they may become Melniboneans...

I've built up one unit of spear and found them quite easy to make up. The nice thing is you can plug parts in place before gluing when you are happy with the positioning. Due to a plethora of other projects I have decided to go "speedy dip" with the miniatures (well, paint the dip on them) given the relative success of previous experiments. The basic scheme is I've decided on is quite shiny; a basic gold armour with red shields, which I hope will look really cool after the dip settles in all the detail. Unfortunately GW Shining Gold is a bitch to paint on as a basecoat so this isn't going as quickly as I'd hoped. I think I will look at investing in a gold aerosol for future units, but I have six drying at present and am hoping to finish the remaining twelve tonight.

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  1. I really like the Mantic Elves too. They will be making an appearance in our Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures campaign later this year. First, though, I need to actually paint them! They do match up well in size to the LotR Elves, of which I have a few, but the style is much more heavily armoured. Still, that will not stop me mixing them up as needed.