Thursday 31 December 2009

New Year, New Project...

Unfortunately I have been bitten by the "ohh shiny" bug and Santa bought me a present that will kick start a new project in 2010 - 15mm WW2 Eastern Front!

Over the years I've played WW2 in 20mm and 6mm but, despite a rash purchase of some 15mm Peter Pig 1940's French infantry at Fisticuffs a few years back (still unpainted), had managed to resist the lure of 15mm WW2 - until Battlefront released the Mid-War Monsters range for Flames of War...

I don't know why but I can't resist hypothetical and experimental designs and Santa was very kind and brought me a box of Kv-5's (to which I have added
a box of Dicker Max). The models are really nice and I can't wait to shake off the racking cough I've caught from SWMBO to make them up and paint them. I have decided that I am going to restrict myself to 1942/3 Russian Front for a number of reasons, but mainly because the German stuff is still field grey and I'm bored painting three-colour camo. I'm also going to try and restrict myself to finishing a unit before I buy another so despite the temptation t buy a Soviet Naval unit I am determined to resist until both the Kv-5's and Dicker Max unit are painted up. This should mean that I do not end up with loads of unpainted lead and resin being added to the existing mountain of unpainted lead, resin and plastic - well, it's a plan...

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  1. Well you have to have a plan as a basis for change Steve!

    Eastern Front is my theatre of choice too, my only saving grace has been a compete lack of local opponents. We'll see what the new locality brings but FoW has always had serious pull for me. I'll be digging into the Vietnam variant this year too - I even have painted models ready to go!!!

    Happy New Year - may it both be fun for you and a success for Wessex Games.