Tuesday 22 December 2009

Avatar 3D

Bit of a busy day today finishing off a scenario for Orcs In The Webbe's Advent Calendar (Sharke's Panzerfaust should be uploaded tomorrow I believe), doing some artwork for next year's Bristol Beer Festival and taking Saul to see Avatar in 3D...

Unless you have been living in a hole on the Moon (probably a moon of one of the outer planets) you'll no doubt be aware that this is James Cameron's return to box office film making with all the hi-tech gizmos and effects he's renown for, oh, and it's in 3D...

The film will no doubt have its critics, it is for all intents and purposes an SF Dances With Wolves, but IMHO that is no bad thing. The CGI is very well done and for the most part the 3D works well without the usual silly effects of things flying into the audience. Indeed, it is at its best when it just looks natural. The night time scenes in the jungle are mesmerising and the military hardware reminiscent of that in Aliens, the VTOL's are cool and the Starship Troopers-esque walkers got me thinking about using 15mm scale robots with 6mm SF troops. Indeed, the scale of some of the equipment in the film did start me think about using ostensibly larger scale vehicles in 6mm (15mm grav tanks for huge Bolo like cybertanks perhaps?).

Anyway, well worth a trip to the cinema. Hunt down a 3D showing. I'm sure the 2D looks great but the 3D is an experience that, once you get into the film, should not be missed if at all possible...


  1. Sounds great Steve,
    Sharke's Panzerfaust eh...

    Lovely jubbly.


  2. I took the family to see it too and thought it was a great flick. Very enjoyable, some good messages (dont over-analyze them...) and great action. Got my SF gaming mind racing too!