Saturday 16 January 2010

Osmanlı Havaalini Kuvvetleri

Having mislaid my Ottoman aeronef fleet, scratchbuilt by David Crook, I had to place an emergency order into Brigade to have some appropriate models for Aeronef Over the Aegean.

Despite the Brigade workshop being buried under several feet of snow, Tony came up trumps and the Turkish element of the AOTA pack Brigade are releasing arrived this morning.

After a flurry of lunchtime activity the models have all been tidied up, stuck together as required and have had a good undercoat. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to crack on with painting the models. I'm not 100% keen on the Brigade Turkish paint scheme so will be coming up with my own for the Osmanlı Havaalini Kuvvetleri (Ottoman Airship Force).

In my research for historic aerial and naval paint schemes of the Ottoman Empire I did come across this excellent website, Turkey in the First World War, well worth a look at, especially the pre-1914 pages.

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  1. Hi Steve, The khaki paint scheme for the Ottoman Air Fleet (OAF as it known!)came about due to the fact the Turkish Navy went through a phase of painting their warships that colour. I have no idea as to the actual shade employed and it was soon replaced with bog standard warship grey. So I went with the khaki and grey as a kind of evolution of the khaki scheme. I will stick with te scheme for the new batch but I will be using a lighter shade of khaki.

    All the best,