Monday, 18 January 2010

Ottomans - work in progress...

Just thought I'd grab the last bit of natural light and take a quick photo of the Ottoman Fleet as they stand at present. Had a good day yesterday painting wise and broke the back of them, with some detailing today. Need to glue the magnets on but that'll have to wait 'till this evening. Also need to come up with a good way of basing the aeroplanes...

Update: I've reloaded the photo. Now if you click on it, it enlarges. No idea why it didn't do that earlier...


  1. Looking fantastic there Steve, I especially like the deep, rich colour of the War Balloon envelopes, suitably Ottoman!

    What we really need, though, is some close up shots and thumbnails we can enlarge to see the detail..... :-)

  2. The war-balloons look the business...very cool!

  3. Very nice Seve! So you are using magnets on the bottom of the nefs to keep them on their bases, rather than glueing them on? Is that robust enough?

  4. The magnets are fantastic and if the nef fall over they don't snap and have to be redrilled. You can also multi-use bases with 1/144th planes, spaceships etc. The only problem I have had is with a land speeder which really needs a bigger magnet...