Saturday 9 January 2010

Priceless Tomes

As is often the way when looking for one thing you come across another long lost and forgotten. In my case the happy rediscovery was my copy of Charles Grant's and Stuart Asquith's Scenarios For All Ages. A follow up to Grant's equally excellent Scenarios For Wargames, the book contains 52 different scenarios most of which can be adapted to any period.

Like most 'golden age' wargames books the emphasis is on creating objective driven scenario based games rather than meaningless balanced points contests, indeed many of the scenarios included are unbalanced but that doesn't mean they are one sided.

I'd forgotten what a gold mine of ideas this book was and if you haven't got a copy of either then click on the link(s) above and get a copy off Amazon - 24p for a challenging game and one a week for a whole year is a bargain that any wargamer can't ignore...


  1. I have the former one, and this sounds like an excellent follow-up...I shall be on the lookout!

  2. Mate, that sounds ace!
    I think I may have to put a copy on order, especially for some of the more odd games I play.

    I agree, the points match is a little boring at times.


  3. I just ordered a copy of Scenarios for Wargames from abebooks thatnks to your recommendation. Thanks!