Sunday 21 June 2009

USS Sulaco

A while back Konami did a range of Aliens models including one of the USS Sulaco the USCM spaceship that takes the unfortunate Colonial Marines to LV-426. Whilst it does not feature extensively in the film it is an appealing, somewhat iconic, spaceship design. I picked up a Sulaco off eBay a while back and whilst nice in its pre-coloured blue-grey plastic I have always intended to give it a repaint.

In the end I decided to go part way by applying a black wash over the model to bring out the detail and then apply a GW Shadow Grey drybrush. Whilst I am fairly happy with the result I may do a bit of detailing work later as the model has some nice fine details that would reward a more patient approach.

According to the Aliens Colonial Technical Manual the Sulaco is a Conestoga class starship and the thirteenth of thirty-six vessels in the class. It is a shame that the Konami models are so damned expensive on eBay these days as I wouldn't have minded getting another couple for some games of Full Thrust.


  1. wow I have not seen that before. Very cool.

  2. Great model that screams out for super-detailing. Wish I had one too! Great job Steve