Sunday 28 June 2009


Sod's Law has struck again at the heart of Bleaseworld...

In an effort to address the fact my Mac was running with less than 1% spare capacity I availed myself of a nice new external hard drive on which to transfer my iTunes collection (which at over 100Gb was taking up over 2/3 of the Mac's capacity). That went well, but in a fit of  "ooh shiny" I also bought OS X Leopard which included Time Machine and will back up all my files every hour for the next eight years (or something like that).

Installation went well until I couldn't find any photos or documents! Cue swearing and tears (and concern at what SWMBO would do to poor hubby if he had lost several years of unbacked up family photos...)

Eventually I found a folder that I concluded had them in, but it was locked and I couldn't open it! Cue more swearing and tears (and concern at what SWMBO would do to poor hubby if he couldn't fix it...)

Long story short, I have cracked the file but it is now requiring a manual transfer of photos into the iPhoto library which is taking up most of my day (...just got to September 2007!).

Anyway talking of September 2007 it was Saul's 12th birthday then and I painted up this nice unit of GW Ironbreakers with a Thane on Shield. The Ironbreaker models are a bit boring pose wise so a number of arms were snipped off and repositioned with Green Stuff to fill gaps. Colours were limited to metal, leather and black and I am pleased with the end result. They look (and are) kick ass!

SWMBO had a photo of them put on his birthday cake which was cool - the dwarf runes  say 'Happy Birthday Saul'  - I don't know if anyone realised but Saul did and that was all that mattered...

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