Saturday 13 June 2009

Jobs Too Dangerous For Men: Washing Up

A little while back the Discovery Channel ran a series called 'World's Toughest Jobs' or something like that. Well after last night I have concluded there are just some jobs too dangerous for men to do, first and foremost being washing the dishes!

Coming to the end of my stint a glass tumbler managed to fracture as I was cleaning it, cutting my right ring finger open and resulting in a fun evening at A&E in Bristol whilst they x-rayed the finger, pulled the glass shards out (ow!) and then stitched me up (the fact that it was a washing up sustained injury got brownie points with the nurses, but I'm not sure whether to tell my work colleagues it was a DIY accident - sounds more manly!). The only good news is that I can still paint although the bandage is a bit cumbersome... 

There was not a lot of sympathy from SWMBO (despite the fact I cleaned the blood up off the kitchen floor first and put a casserole dish into soak before seeking her help!) who said that it was obviously caused by lack of practice and did I really need to have wrapped the bleeding wound in a brand new tea towel!


  1. Ouch! You have my sympathy. Will this affect typing of the new pdf of Iron Cow, though? (he asked somewhat callously!)

    I have noticed that my other half does not offer any sympathy when I hurt myself. I usually get a comment along the lines of "Well, you should have been more careful" or What did you expect?". It's a tough life being a husband.

  2. The typing is all done and my two/three finger typing speed is currently no worse than usual, the only problem may be sticking the decals on the CDSU as I'm not that good with scissors and the decals are pretty small. That said the stitches should be out in 10 days...

  3. Hmm, scissors = sharp things. Are you sure that is safe? :-)

    I hope it all heals well and smoothly anyway. Perhaps your other half would be willing to help you out with the decals since you were injured in the line of duty?

  4. File an industrial OH&S claim, sueing for six months respite from domestic cleaning duties! Hope it gets better soon mate.

  5. Ouch and a half! I hope it heals soon and normal service can be resumed!