Thursday 18 June 2009

CDSU Guards Armoured Regiment

Despite the finger I managed to finish a good part of the CDSU Guards Armoured Regiment with only the tank squadron left to do (ok, some models need decals but I am still not trusted with scissors!)

For the most part the unit comprises of Brigade miniatures. The mechanised infantry platoon has eight Xie Fang APC's with one command and eight sections of infantry. The Xie Fang is a nice model, but I am not sure that the exit method for the infantry is very sensible! (out the top). Nice model though. 

The infantry are GZG Islamic Federation infantry. Whilst half the platoon pack has troops in kefiahs (and will be used for Islamic troops in Iron Cow), the others have a very flat helmet which for some reason put me in mind of the coolie rice hats, hence their use as CDSU mechanised infantry...

The artillery battery comprises of four Mao Zehdong SPG's, really nice models on a flat GEV bed. In retrospect I perhaps should have gone for the heavy rocket launcher variant for a more Soviet feel, but the SPG is a good looking model so I'm not sure.

The HQ unit comprises of six Xie Fang Command APC's and three Zhu De support tanks. The Zhu De's are very rectangular in look, but again are very nice models (I really like the basic MBT).  I might get some AA variants to provide some vital air defence ability as you don't want to lose your HQ unit to a well executed enemy aerospace strike!

Finally I painted up a Kim Chaek VTOL flight. As previously mentioned Brigade are so somewhat light on the VTOL front and these are GZG AV-6 troop transports. The rectangular look fits in nicely with the Brigade CDSU models. I need to put the decals on the hull sides when I get five minutes and the use of ten fingers back. Looking at the GZG listings there are some nice generic trucks that might be useful in a CDSU army so I might see how the finances are after pay day and avail myself of some.


  1. Those look really good. The dark stripe across then looks airbrushed. I may have to borrow this camo scheme for some of my other troops.

  2. No airbrushing, just stippled with an old paintbrush...