Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Great War British Infantry

Well the CDSU armour is now 2/3 done but starting to suffer from micro-fatigue I cast an eye around for something different to break the monotony of 1/300th camo schemes. Like many (I suspect) I have been intrigued by the rise in popularity of dipping using the Army Painter shades and at Crusade earlier in the year bought a tin of Dark Shade but hadn't got around to trying it (a bit of cowardice I would suspect about the idea of slopping brown stain over painted miniatures!).

With an eye to future projects and the fact that in Year 10 History, one of Saul's projects should be to build a model of a trench system (and bearing in mind we got slightly carried away with our 10mm Norman castle in Year 8....), I have been acquiring odd boxes of 20mm WWI infantry and tanks with a view to spending some weeks in the summer painting them up. Having a box of HaT Canadian Infantry (which are perfectly useable as British) I decided to experiment with the dip to see how this would speed up the project when I got around to it.

I'm not quite sure of the photos do the figures justice and bearing in mind the detail on the models faces is somewhat smooth (see the PSR review for a more detailed "critique") but the experiment worked really very well and I am really pleased with the end result. The figures were base coated in Tamiya Khaki with webbing in GW Kommando Khaki and puttees in Graveyard Earth before painting on the dip (as these are 20mm I didn't think the literal dip method was a good idea). 

All in all (excluding drying) the painting of these 10 figures took about 15 to 20 minutes all told. Whilst I'm not sure dipping is appropriate for all my outstanding paint jobs, it certainly will be useful for a number (now where did I put that unpainted Tomb Kings army?)

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  1. OOooooohhhhh!! These are really nice Steve - i am intrigued about the Great war project - do tell whats occuring!